Coffee Beans, Avocado and Asparagus

I thought it would be fun to end the year with tips and techniques on how to grow some plants. I also want to thank you personally for making this year my best and funnest year so far on Youtube. YOU are the icing on my tomato. :) Contest Proudly sponsored by ps Guess what’s coming up at the end of January! Come on….GUESS!! It’s going to be a fun and fantastic 2012!!
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“Largest Coffee Bean Mosaic The levels of caffeine are dangerously high.”

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49 Responses to “Coffee Beans, Avocado and Asparagus”

  1. Plant them in soil if they sprouted roots. In awhile they will send out a top shoot.

  2. Ooooh !!! I’m so iratated !!! I have a bunch of avacado seeds in my spare room that I put in the glass of water & let sprout roots, but that seems 2 B all I’m getting. I don’t get it. I put the in the window seal 2 get sun light & they grow the roots but nothings comming out on top !!! What’s the deal ??? :-

  3. I think two weeks

  4. TheManeatingplantboy Reply November 9, 2012 at 3:18 am

    about how long does it take for asparagus to germinate?

  5. I know!! Isn’t it weird? I just can’t seem to shut up! It’s like a gift and a curse and a gift wrapped in a curse dipped in chocolate and shaped like a gummie bear! :)

  6. you talk too much!!!

  7. Grocery store coffee beans are roasted. This kills the bean.

  8. what kind of coffee bean, maybe one bought from grocery store?

  9. The seed will form a root that pushes down and the seed will push up out of the soil.

  10. how can you tell when the coffee bean is germinating and thanks for the vermiculite tip(:

  11. Dogs in Hawaii eat them off the ground. We feed our dogs “AvoDerm” an avocado enhanced dog food. Maybe you can expand a bit more on where you got that info?

    A dog choking on an avocado does not make it poison. ;)

  12. I just subscribed and love your videos, thanks for all the great info and I will spend alot of time viewing your previous videos so I get caught up on all the growing. I have tried the avocado but for some reason it didnt grow at all. I dont know what I did wrong, but I’m off to start a mango per the last video of yours I viewed…happy growing!

  13. per….. what for the coffee beans? how do u spell that? thanks

  14. You can post them on my facebook page. The link is on the main page of my channel or email them to ray @ voodoogardener . com

  15. I took some pictures of the two different plants.Not sure where I can send them. Same soil and I water them exactly at the same time, If any of them is getting more water I would think it is the ones in the container. I use only organic pesticides on them and I havent seen any cut worms or anything of that nature.. It just seems like they are maybe lonely? maybe too far apart? Im stumped on this.

  16. Love your videos I’m going to try the coffee bean, I’m in phoenix,az I hear they will do great in our weather

  17. That’s odd how the in ground ones are doing poorly. Is it possible they’re being overwatered? If the soil is identical and they’re in the same area….that would be the only variable that could cause it.

  18. I have learned soo much from watching your videos but I need some advice on my bell pepper plants. I have 6 plants, three of which are in my garden outside and 3 are in a separate container just outside the garden on the ground, the plants in the garden are spindly looking and are losing their bottom leaves and they dont look good but the ones in the container arev thriving….the soils are the same..any ideas how to help my peppers?…also how do i send you mail? what address?

  19. tradewindsfruit . com

  20. where did you get the raw coffee beans?

  21. Vermiculit or coir is perfect for seeds that take a long time. Less chance of rotting.

  22. I have a question. With any seeds that take a long time to sprout, would you want to use Vermiculite? I have Raspberries and Baby Kiwi’s that say take weeks to months to sprout.

  23. you are awesome. thanks for your videos!

  24. OP, u say u use vermiculite cause other soils have bacteria and mold and stuff.. R u aware u can load soil into a pillow case and pasteurize in a pot of hot water to kill off the molds and stuff?? I think this would work well for coffee

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