Bunn Tim Hortons Coffee Maker

My review of the Bunn Tim Hortons coffee maker.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Michael Vorel of 60SecondCoffee.com, compares the Keurig Mini B30 vs Keurig B40 Coffee Maker from Green Mountain Coffee that uses KCup coffee pods. At his site, 60secondcoffee.com, they offer the new Keurig Single Serve Coffee models that brew coffee or tea in one minute. Check out the video…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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47 Responses to “Bunn Tim Hortons Coffee Maker”

  1. U should review the Hamilton beach one that has a cup dispenser and it stores the coffee in a tank inside, I haven’t counted the jets for water but it seems like there’s around 15

  2. I would assume it’s stainless steel, however I haven’t taken mine apart so I can’t say for 100%. Maybe Bunn could tell you

  3. What is the inside of the water reservoir made of? I’m trying to find one that is stainless and not plastic. Thank you for your response.

  4. I’m not sure what their secret is. It may have something to do with the types of beans they purchase and how they roast them. I’ve been told they buy unripened beans and let them age. Here in Canada the grounds are in packets but they use regular coffee filters if that what you were meaning. I don’t know if the water temp would really make a difference… it’s going to be hot when it hits the grinds. I find this really convenient for making coffee. Thanks for watching

  5. Has anyone studied how they brew the coffee at Tim’s? Is it a filter packet with grounds inside? I wonder what the secret could be? Interestingly, the US Tim’s sells whole beans. That should certainly help you make a fresher cup.

    I really like this Bunn coffee maker. Thanks for reviewing it. My only worry is having water hot all the time because I had always ready that you should have really cool to nearly cold water right before brewing not water that had been hot all day. Great Video!

  6. I’m pretty sure Tim Hortons uses 18% cream, but we can get 10% in the stores here… it’s called Blend

  7. I think timmi’s uses 10% cream maybe this is why you say it just dont taste the same.

  8. $145 here in Canada,bought one today.

  9. Thats a great price!! The filters I use don’t state a number… I use the filters for 8-12 cup machines if that helps any.

  10. I just saw this in Tim Hortons for $44.00 CDN. What size filer is that? #4?

  11. You got that right. I brought my mom some Tim Horton’s in a tin and it wasn’t even close. It was good coffee but there is nothing like a real cup of Tim Hortons. Here in the US it’s much harder to come by, too.

  12. GardenHill IslandLake Reply November 9, 2012 at 8:46 am


  13. I find the Tims coffee in the can never tastes like the real tim hortons however…. I’ve been using Maxwell house original roast and find it’s really close…. I use a level 1/3 cup to a full pot of water…. The tims coffee comes very close to the same taste however the Tims brand coffee costs a lot more than the maxwell house. I find this coffee maker to be an all round better machine than some of the cheaper ones I’ve bought. I use the fine ground coffee.

  14. Do you ever buy their whole beans and grind them, or just use their fine grind?

  15. I am moving out of state in a year and will be 500 miles from Tim Hortons. When I use their grounds in a normal coffee maker (not this one), it never tastes like Tim Hortons. If you bought a cup of Tim Hortons from their restaurant, then made one with your machine and did a blind taste test. Would you be able to tell a difference? Before I spend $115 on this, I want to be sure this is going to make coffee that tastes the same as Tim’s.

  16. I have one of these . . . unfortunately it started leaking. I’m pretty sure it’s a seal that is cracked or worn out. It starts dripping water as soon as you start pouring it into the water well. It did make coffee quite fast when we first got it, but it’s a good 7-10 minutes now if we make a full pot

  17. i got it on usedpei.com but it was never opened

  18. That’s a great deal!! must have been a store only special…. either way, it’s a great little coffee machine

  19. Mine came with 72 packs of pre measured coffee and it only cost me 75 bucks

  20. kincolithmothergoose Reply November 9, 2012 at 11:43 am

    mine is leaking on the back of reservor, how to stop the leak? i need help, can not buy another one, tight budget. ?

  21. How old is your machine?. My Tim hortons machine does the same thing, Mine is 4 years old, and has been used every day. It slowly started going straight through 3 months ago, and got worse. I haven’t taken it apart yet, but I think it has a seal that stops the water going through, untill the lid is closed. The seal must be gone or sticking.

  22. it shouldn’t pour straight through… the lid has a switch that prevents it from going into the carafe unless the lid is closed. when you first use it you’re supposed to put 1 pot in, then add anther, slide the lid closed and turn it on. once that pot of water is through the reservoir is full and ready to make a pot of coffee after it heats up (approx 15 mins) you may have a defective one

  23. Hey – when I pour the water in- it just goes straight through. Do a demonstration on the thing works. We can’t figure it out. Do you pour two pots through or one??

  24. Where Bmyer44 lives, they don’t have a Tim Hortons store unfortunately, but thanks for the advice =]

  25. The girl at Tim Horton’s said you can buy them there. She said sometimes they do not have them in stock and have to order one.

  26. glad the review helped, thanks

  27. Great review! Thanks so much!

  28. glad it helped!

  29. excellent review! I started working at a place where they have the industrial size model (small office) and I just love it! I was wondering about getting one for myself and thanks to your video, now I know which one is best for me! Thanks!

  30. ahh… before Keurig starting making these models cheaper the original Keurig Elite B40 Single-cup Brewer had a nice viewing screen. I know it doesn’t seem possible but they were really mich cooler before. I doubled checked and see “wndotcom/Keurig_Elite_B40_Single-Cup_Brewer” and you will see a unit that looks just like mine on an original green mountain video. I gave this unit to an employee years back and you are correct as they must be a rare find.

  31. I can’t find any record of any B40 that ever had a screen, and that has a screen. I also can’t find any record of a silver B40 that wasn’t custom painted. Call me crazy, but I’m absolutely CERTAIN that’s a B50.

    Supposing that is a B40, however, you seem to have quite a rare find, possibly even 1 of a kind. If that is the case, I can’t help but be extremely jealous. Who wouldn’t?

  32. actually it’s a b40, looks like a b50 but thanks for checking.

  33. That’s a B50…

  34. “You pour the coffee into the top.” Fail.

  35. I can’t live a day with my cup of coffee! I got some good blend tips at coffeeloverstipsandtricks (.) com

  36. Hi Guys – I will be moving some of my videos to my channel at @projectgadget thanks!

  37. It should close tightly, id you give Green Mountain coffee a call?

  38. Does the my k cup work in the mini?

  39. If you have a really tall mug you may need to pull the tray out from the bottom of the unit and pick up an extra half an inch. I just measured a really large coffee cup that was 4″ in diameter and 4.5″ tall and just fit on the tray (without removing it). The cup sensor is a new feature that senses whether you have a mug on the tray. When you remove it after brewing the unit notices and turns off. I looked up capacity and it brews a single cup size of 8-oz. Hope that helps!

  40. You should also comment on type/size of mugs that fit and the sensor on the mini.

    I have a shorter rounder mug that won’t fit well on the mini. I didn’t know about the cup sensor so I orginally thought mine was defective.

  41. I had a comment that said it wasn’t compatible with the The Keurig K-Cup Brewer B100, which was a product from 2004 so not being familiar with that unit have to go with the feedback on that one. Not sure… Buy a new one anyway!

  42. That’s a great idea to use your own tea bags in the my k-cup. I wanted to make my own k-cups that were pre-measured in paper that i could just drop into the my k-cup. I will have to go back and try some new ideas! thanks and happy holidays!

  43. Hey, Mike
    The My K-Cup also words great with tea! What I do is simply see the coffee filter to the side and not use it. Rather, place a tea bag in the very bottom of the My K-Cup, close the lid and brew! I use the B30 Mini and it works great every time.

  44. Sure, the my k-cup works in all Keurig consumer machines and you can fill it with as much or little to your taste. I prefer a stronger dark roast so I fill to almost the top. You may want to try the Green Mountain coffees as they have it already set to go. Cheers!

  45. Sorry about that, we had some lighting issues that day.

  46. With the black machines and the lighting its hard to see the machines.

  47. Does the “MY K-CUP” work in the B30 ? if so how much in OZ. in coffee fits in it ?