How a Keurig B100 Coffee Maker Works

I got this for free; it showed no signs of life. After some testing, I determined the power transformer (120VAC to 9VAC) was fried. I was able to replace the original transformer with one salvaged from a standard wall-wart, thus giving this coffee maker another chance at a normal life. I call this “The Fountain of Thrift.” The Keurig coffee makers are ingeniously designed, regardless of the quality of coffee they make; they are a complex system of relays, sensors, pumps, and tubes. The older models are built to last, and I am sure this unit will last another five years, as long as the element holds out.
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If your Keurig (or any other single serve ie Tassimo) coffeemaker is having a case of the Mondays, this video will teach you everything you need to know about cleaning and descaling it properly. ***JOIN OUR COMMUNITY*** Twitter: Facebook: Pinterest: BLOG: —-check out the detailed blog post ~~Post your before and after cleaning pics, cleaning conundrums or messy room pics on our Facebook page~~ Detailed how-to below: Many of us use Keurig coffee makers to brew our morning beverage. They get used day after day and need to be cleaned so that they’ll last a long time and keep your beverage tasting great. While it may seem daunting at first, it’s an easy process once you know how to clean each part. Also, some of these parts are dishwasher safe which makes our job even easier. Ok, no time to waste, let’s get started. Here’s what you’ll need: – Cleaning toothbrush – Pure white vinegar – All-purpose cleaner – Microfiber cloth, dish liquid. Start by taking the parts apart: – Reservoir and lid – Drip tray and drip tray cover – K cup holder & funnel (this takes some work & be careful, there’s a sharp needle on the end of this!) Soak these in warm, soapy water or place them in the top rack of the dishwasher if you prefer. Always place these items on the top rack of the dishwasher to avoid melting the plastic!! If you are soaking them, leave them in the sink for 15 minutes or so and then gently wipe the interiors
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48 Responses to “How a Keurig B100 Coffee Maker Works”

  1. I thought you were upgrading its ram at first =)  lol

  2. The main reason the nation is flocking to Keurigs and similar single serve technology is that percolated coffee gets rank very quickly. Even an auto drip machine with the finest premium coffee in it is only good for what is served immediately. Coffee which remains and is kept warm on the heating element degrades very quickly as well. American coffee palates have been shaped by the premium coffee outlets. I can’t stand perked coffee now.

  3. ManiacalMichael504 Reply November 9, 2012 at 3:32 am

    What is that machine at 7:07? From the side it looks like a Lexmark, but the front panel is one I haven’t seen before…

  4. I have a question that is totally not related to the maker machine… Can I just empty the cup content into hot water without the use of the single served machine?? Wouldn’t that give me similar beverages?

  5. there is no way of taking it apart without breaking the clips, you should call keurig, they would replace it for free (even out of warranty.) all you have to do is say its not powering on and send the K-Cup holder to them (they will provide the address.)

  6. Would oyu be able to make another video of this specific model? The proces of using it….

  7. I have a b100, when i press the button, nothing happens. It was working great, sometime you would have to press the button twice, but worked great till one day. Any advise?

  8. When you close the tray, a needle pierces the top and pushes it into a bottom needle which pierces the bottom. It then injects hot water into the top and pressure forces the water through the grinds and the filter before flowing out of the bottom. Does that answer your question?

  9. I love homemade coffee, but my machine lay dormant until coffeeloverstipsandtricks (.) com plugged me in!

  10. I’ve never worked on a B70… just the B100… and it’s the one and only one I’ve worked on. It shouldn’t be too hard, just look for hidden screws and clips.

  11. We have a Keurig B70. It’s broken.  How do you take the cover a part?
    Thanks for responding.

  12. very cool. Thanks.

  13. But you didn’t show me how the water gets into the tiny cup and back out

  14. SO many people having problem with these machines, my family included. My husband could probably fix the problem we’re having, but he can’t get the machine open. Would you consider posting a video on how to open the machine?

  15. We (in this country) tend to get too tied up in “OMGWTF WE’RE GONNA DIE” health scares; lead is all around us; as is arsenic, mercury, etc. I’d be more concerned with the amount of chemicals out-gassing from the interior of your new car (which is a known and legitimate health threat) than from the amount of lead in your Keurig (and, honestly, I’m certain it’s not enough to harm you… they’re just covering their tracks). Only two things in life are certain; death, and taxes.

  16. Here’s a secret; ALL coffee makers contain lead, and here’s a surprise; if your house was built between 1600 and 2005 (or so), your plumbing contains leaded solder. The simple fact is, if the device contains lead in any form, it must be disclosed by law. The tubing Keurig uses is plastic; the boiler (far as I can tell) is made from stainless steel; the heating element is made from ni-chrome wire. PCBs should be lead-free. The amount you absorb (if any) is negligible, so drink on!

  17. I just bought a newer model and it says in the manual it contains lead. I wonder which part contains lead I know its computer controlled so the PCB board and probably electrical wiring contains lead. I wonder if any of the water or coffee has any contact with the lead. I am just kind of Leary of using it yet until I find out? I do not know if it contains any copper tubing like some coffee makers have I have the
    Keurig Ultimate B66

  18. You spelled it Kuerig in the description

  19. Not sure on the B100 or if they still sell that model but Sam’s Club online shows this for the B66:

    Assembled Country of Origin:
    Components Country of Origin:

  20. The design is likely European or US but like everything else that once was a quality item they have all been sent to our friends the Communist-capitalist Chinese and made to look the same while the quality of materials and workmanship go way way down – yet the prices are actually more than they were when US made in most cases anymore. I bought a solenoid for my mower – MTD unit was US made and the Briggs & Stratton was all Chinese – MTD was a buck less and better made. Go figure.

  21. This thing screams “Made in Germany” it’s so damn complex! Actually, it doesn’t say where it was made… but I do believe these early commercial units were US built (from foreign and domestic components). Everything in this unit appears to be off-the-shelf, except for the plastic housing… which makes it easily serviceable.

  22. So complicated yet my 1962 Pyrex glass percolator sits on the stove, you wait till it perks where you want it, take out the stem and basket and use the coffee – even reheat if you let it get cold. No power, no transformers, no pain (and no cups of instant to buy for it). I have a feeling there’s a nice big “made in china” imprint on the label on back. If not I’m sure most is made in china and assembled here.

  23. nnice show

  24. Yes, it matters – use just plain white vinegar!

  25. I think u are an coffee lover like me and I think u are so sexy with your full lips honey.

  26. Can I use ‘Apple Cider Vinegar’? Does it matter

  27. It needs to be rinsed out a few more times, so run through a few reservoirs of water through the machine and you will be in good shape.

  28. Look for a product called ‘Mother’s Choice’, it removes rust and is vegetable-based.

  29. You placed it on the bottom rack of your dishwasher I bet…right by the heating element. Any plastic items need to go on the top rack of the dishwasher. Sorry to hear about that.

  30. Mine said it was dishwasher safe but I think because too many people placed the reservoir on the BOTTOM rack of the dishwasher (right by the heating element), they placed the ‘not dishwasher safe’ note on their newer models. Any plastic sitting on the bottom rack of your dishwasher WILL MELT!

  31. it says right on the keurig site that the reservoir and lid are not dishwasher safe, I wouldnt put the reservoir in there,

  32. Ok did exactly and still smells like vinegar n taste too

  33. you could make a video talking about the masks we can use to do cleaning at home???

  34. Do you know what I can do for my bathroom baseboard heaters? They got all rusted. Thanks.


  36. Really informative video. Really helpful.

  37. Dear Melissa,

    I love your videos. This one is especially useful – even though I have never owned a coffee machine.

    I have a cleaning dilemma. Every-time I watch your attractive face & slender charms I have impure thoughts.

    Is there any way you could help clean my dirty mind?

    A more preferable solution would be some active romance – let me know either way.

  38. amazing

  39. the keurig manual also suggests toblet the vinegar sit for a few hours so it can clean out the mineral deposits. Like any cleaner putting it on and rinsing it out immediatly is ineffective.

  40. the tint IS a film and it scratches incredibly easy.. yeah, a light solution of soap and water applied with a soft sponge and wipe with a micro fiber cloth… the water is actually the solvent, the soap creates a barrier between the sponge and the tint… don’t press hard.

  41. you don’t ever want to use anything on leather but a mild soap and water solution, the black stuff that wont come out of the cracks is dried soap and gimmicky products, the dried soap and stuff gets sticky, dirt is attracted to sticky… anyway, your leather sofa might be to far gone, you might need to call an automotive leather interior restoration specialist, they are the only people qualified to restore leather. they can strip all impurities from the tanning and reapply a new light coat.

  42. A tiny little drop of baking soda (a pinch) and water, make a paste and very carefully wipe out the marks. Rinse well with a clean cloth. This is a good spot treatment and not to be used on the whole sofa.

  43. It’s super easy!

  44. Thank you, I will clean my Keurig coffee maker now.

  45. melissa i am trying to surprise my mom for her birthday and the one thing shes always complaining about is our WHITE leather couch we tried lots of cleaners and and products but they ALWAYS fail can you help

  46. Yeah… The film on some of my windows are peeling off and it looks very very dirty…
    A car cleaning series sounds great! Thanks!

  47. Great question – I know you have to be very careful so that you don’t remove the film from the tint. I’d say likely water and a microfiber cloth. I will look in to that. We are trying to arrange a car cleaning series!

  48. How to clean tinted windows? I have a very hard time with them…