How to Breakdance | Coffee Grinder | Flow Basics

How to Breakdance I Coffee Grinder I Flow Basics Description: This tutorial teaches you how to do the coffee grinder, which is one of the most basic and most useful moves in bboying. Although it is easy this move is very important to know for future moves. Disclaimer: These Tutorials on Breakdancing are meant to help spread knowledge to kids and adults who otherwise wont get it, and to help preserve to culture in which we call Hip Hop. Please help keep Hip Hop Alive! Warning: These tutorials do involve moves that take time and hard work to learn and should not be attempted until you master the basics (Toprocks, Basic Footwork & Basic Freezes). Make sure you get comfortable with the moves before moving on, and make sure you have an open space to dance in. I am not responsible for any injures, sore muscles or broken furniture while you are attempting these tutorials. Take it easy until you feel comfortable. If you need extra help you can email me about doing a workshop or private lessons. Intro Music by: Rufio Beats Twitter: RufiosBeats_Clap Hot Fashions Provided by Ethnic Blend Clothing Other Music by ME Download Here: Follow ME: Twitter: @bboyvincanity Instagram: @bboyvincanity Check Out My Online Store: Thanks for Subscribing, Leave me a comment and Press Like if you like!

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Brew the dandelion Root coffee just as you would regular coffee.How to Make Roasted Dandelion Root Coffee Dandelion Root is a rich treasury of vitamins and minerals, as well as trace minerals and micronutrients. Use 1 level Tablespoon Roasted Root for each cup of water. Or use 1/3 cup root for each quart of water or 1-1/3 per gallon. You make need to adjust these amounts to your taste if you like it stronger or weaker, dandelion Root native American coffee wilderness survival, dandelion herb or taraxacum , Herbs Review for Herbs that detox. Dandelion root is a full body nutritive and powerful yet gentle liver and kidneys cleanse herb, Camping tips, Earth bowl, The Native Americans call it “Ee-Wah-Kee” meaning The-Mud That Heals Bentonite, as well as other types of healing clay,
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50 Responses to “How to Breakdance | Coffee Grinder | Flow Basics”

  1. hmm
    i thought this was called

  2. if ur trying more than 1 coffee grinder at a time.don’t bother.1 is enough.usually doing more than 1 makes u look wack in’s really not common to see multipul coffee grinders

  3. can you do a leg o leg tutorial? dyzee does it but it’s just sooo trippy to learn

  4. Having trouble getting my leg under my other leg while its in the air

  5. jackhammer tutorial? please and thank you

  6. Can you do a martial arts turotial? Maybe show some kicks or tricks. I’m not expecting you to do it, but it would be awesome to learn :)

  7. 2 swings.. tired.. 

  8. need any help or tips for the coffee grinder where are u messing and wat troubles are you having?

  9. soo easy but awesome

  10. Алина Крикса Reply November 9, 2012 at 5:47 am

    Вообще классно))))!!!

  11. Bruh, Then Why Tf Did You Watch This? Lmaoo

  12. Bro i know how do do this

  13. What? Don’t get it.

  14. whats the first vid im a noob lol

  15. he makes it look so easy xD

  16. dam this is so hard for me it look so easy i jus tried it

  17. Thanks man! I need a lot more practice, but I have the concept!

  18. I would say to work on toprocks and footwork first and maybe get one or two freezes. Once you get decent at those you will want to put a lot of work into get downs and transitions because even if you have good moves, if you don’t have good transitions it won’t look good. Also make sure you start out really practicing form and just pick up your own style along the way.

  19. lol ik it as swipe kick i learn it in martial arts but i always failed to do tis but tis vid makes it look easier :P

  20. how a friend told me to is to learn a few steps of toprock. then focus primarily on footwork. make it clean as hell. then learn some more toprock. after u master both, then go on freezes. then power movies.

  21. he doens’t b-boy.

    he b-men.

  22. Um, I can’t remember but on one of his vids, he replied to a person with the same question that you should do Toprocks and Footwork and then move on to Flow Basics/Get Downs and then Power Moves. :)

  23. Can you please make a list of what to master first, something like;
    -Toprocks / Uprock

    and so on?

  24. I learned this the same way you teached it but turns out I have to o it CW and I’m having a hard time practicing it, any tips?

  25. I thought that the coffee grinder was a footwork move? Is it??

  26. you are not alone…i feel the same way sometimes.

  27. When its roasting it has almost like a cocoa like smell to it. I am addicted to it now.

  28. Dandelion roots and wood ash. I’d say they don’t make mineral supplements anywhere near that good.

  29. No It has it’s on flavor, but it taste Good.

  30. Does it taste like coffee?

  31. Awesome I learnt something new thanks…

  32. …must… have… caffeine… *coff coff*

  33. No  caffeine…

  34. Awesome. But does it have any caffeine?

  35. Europeans were more intelligent.

  36. this is so primitive, i absolutely love it

  37. Awesome.

  38. Your welcome.

  39. Some one was born in the wrong time. Its they way i feel. Thank you for showing you wisdom i truly take it to heart its something that will be needed.

  40. Brillant so simple,no waste ,no trace.I am ashamed of todays wasteful,contaminating , consumer plastic world.

  41. True.

  42. natives were so smart i hate what we did to them.

  43. I tried Dandelion coffee.didn’t taste like coffee to me.did make up some white oak coffee now that did come close

  44. thats awesome.. can you make a video on how to make some kind of hut or maybe food out of radishes or potatoes thanks

  45. Thank you!  :)

  46. thank you for sharing your knowledge my friend the world needs more people like you.

  47. Omg!! If u go to 4:36 u can see big foot running in the background!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Pretty. Cool have to try it and see how it works

  49. No the milk will not curdle.

  50. Ii was a creek, Yes it was Benoite clay of that creek bank.