Organic Tulsi Tea – The Healthiest Alternative for Coffee

Organic Tulsi Tea - The Healthiest Alternative for Coffee – Organic India provides organic tulsi tea – also known as holy basil tea that is a powerful antioxidant and better than coffee. This organic tea have many benefits that will helps promote optimal health and well-being. the following is a recipe for the best and most decadent non-dairy creamer ever. If you love coffee but want to limit your dairy intake or if you just love coffee with cream in it – this is the perfect option to try. The recipe includes almond milk, coconut oil, maca powder and cacao or chocolate powder with a touch of agave sweetener or the sweetener of your choice mix into your Organic coffee and it’s pure decadence but with real nutrients. WORLD’S BEST DECADENT NON-DAIRY CREAMER for your coffee 1 1 cup Almond Milk 1/4 cup Coconut Oil 1 tsp of Maca Powder 1 heaping tsp of Cacao Powder 1 squirt of Agave Syrup Prep: Melt the coconut oil. Either place the entire jar of coconut oil in a bowl of hot water and let it sit until 1/4 C of it melts or put a the 1/4 C of coconut oil into another smaller glass jar and place that in a bowl of hot water until it’s melted. Put the almond milk into a saucepan and warm it up – not to the boiling point just so it’s lukewarm to warm. This will help the ingredients bind better. Once the coconut oil is melted, add in the cacao powder and the maca powder and mix this until it’s all blended into the oil. Place the warm Almond milk in the blender, add the coconut oil that’s been blended with the cacao powder and the maca powder and add a squirt of agave syrup and blend. What you will end up with is the most frothy, creamy, heavenly tasting non-dairy creamer ever. If you don’t have a blender, shaking it in a jar will do
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47 Responses to “Organic Tulsi Tea – The Healthiest Alternative for Coffee”

  1. The pain in my heal is going away since I have been drinking this tea….AMAZING!!

  2. thanks for the great information. simple video, but very affective..

  3. i admire this man so much

  4. tulsi is gorgeous tea.. Esp the red chai masala on a cold day.. mmmmmm.. !
    comfort in a cup…!

  5. I have a few growing in my house now! An Indian guy gave two to me at work and I loe it so far! It tastes so dagon good! This stuff is great and calms me down bigtime.

  6. I concur! I recently began taking Tulsi supplements (ironically the Organic India brand — found this at my local co-op). If you suffer from anxiety or stress, please give Tulsi a try — it is *amazing* and the results are immediate. I have not tried the tea, but I hope to soon. Also, another great coffee alternative is Reishi mushroom tea (comes in a powder). It actually tastes like coffee! My boyfriend is a big coffee drinker and was amazed that it tastes just like coffee; he drinks it now.

  7. Odd that he has to say, “not to brag”. Are people that fked up they would think like that? I guess so.

  8. Does it matter as long as the word get out what color someone is? I got put onto this by an Indian guy at work and he gave me some leaves and he is going to give me a plant, I am very thankful I found about Tulsi.

  9. how does the DNA of someone relevant to a healing herb?

  10. why is it that we always want a WHITE men to promote our Indian products/inventions etc etc?

  11. i love it.. what do you suppose is in there.. biologically/structurally.. that helps the body.
    (i knew it had to be a tea).. tea is great for the mind.. so much better than coffee – yuck

  12. Dr. Mercola’s hot.

  13. You can just google organic india usa and that will take you to their web site. I think I’ll give it a try. :)

  14. when in india i drink fresh pomegranate juice.

  15. Thanks Dr Mercola for your tips.
    It’s a good remedy for cold and cough too. During winter time , I give tea mixed with 1/2″ fresh ginger root, 6-10 black peppercorn, tulsi and honey. Put all these ingredients with black tea or any green tea you wish to have and bring it to boil. It works so well, specially for my toddler who gets 2-4 cold every year.

  16. Thanks dear 4 this info..

  17. Thank you both, Life and Man. I googled holy basil–you can get seeds on ebay and even amazon among many…I think I’ll give it a try this spring/summer.

  18. sorry dear i don’t mean to bring religion in this topic..but i didn’t know it that can be available in asian market…i just try to help some one to get it…as from where i got it…but thanx to teeling us that its can be asian market…

  19. lets keep religion out of this :P Try getting it from a local south asian market…

  20. I am Indian, 10 years ago when my family was in India we used to have a tulsi plant @ our house. It tastes really great, better than mint IMO.

    Try it you guys! Grow a tulsi plant at your house, smells good too!

  21. Yes dear, u might be can get it from any Hindu or Vedic Temple…Spcically Shiv Temple or Krishna Temple…:)

  22. Thanks, Dr. Joe and company–Another very good and new idea, among so many I’ve enjoyed from your website! (Actually it seems like another very good “old” idea you have brought to light.) I know it has to go, but I do love my coffee so–Tulsi sounds like an alternative well worth trying. I’m even wondering about growing my own (in the US, midwest.) Anyone know an easy, legal, place to buy the seeds?

  23. I seriously almost died from Coffee addiction, ending up with my hospitalization and upper nasal cauterization to prevent “bleeding out” (exsanguination) from a massive unstoppable nose-bleed. Before all this, I was a staunch defender of coffee and all coffee shops- NOT ANY MORE! Now, I sure feel better, look better, and have no drama in my life!

  24. In vitro research shows the ursolic acid in Tulsi (Holy Basil) inhibits COX-2, an inflammatory enzyme. As a powerful adaptogen Tulsi helps maintain normal blood sugar levels
    when used as part of your diet. Tulsi helps the negative effects of stress by lowering cortisol production in the adrenals as well.

  25. I understand, I follow Dr. M’s website. I didn’t know if it was a “law” or required by the USA to get shots prior to going to India.

  26. Hi, magildeny, I don’t seem to have a problem with it separating – i’m not sure if that’s because of the high powered blender that I use or if it’s the almond milk i use. I know I’ve tried with with cashew milk and rice milk before and those did separate but that’s also the reason I store it in a long thin jar, it makes it easier to shake it before using it. When it did separate I found it better to just warm it up a bit and then shake it. Let me know if that works for you!

  27. How do you keep the creamer from separating (ie the fat rising to the top and getting hard)? Thank you!

  28. not that i know of – but it sure would be nice as it would keep for a lot longer… maybe someone will work on that :)

  29. Glad you liked it! and thanks for letting us know :) I’ve been using it in my coffee every day since I first made it and haven’t missed my 10% cream one bit!

  30. Just did it! Couldn’t stop drinking my coffee. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Anything close to this in an instant powdered form?

  32. just tried it today with honey instead of Agave syrup and it’s just as delicious! Thanks for the heads up :)

  33. Yeah – made it several times. It’s good! I can’t find maca.

  34. hmm… that’s interesting. I’ll have to try that! Have you tried it with just the honey and no maca or agave? I kind of like the maca though because it has so many good things in it and it regulates hormones on top of acting as an emulsifier …

  35. Forget the maca and the agave nectar and use honey. It is an emulsifier.

  36. Very interesting recipe. Can’t wait to try it! I make my own almond milk and was looking for a decent creamer recipe. I don’t have maca, however, I do have Ashwagandha and Gotu Kola powder. Hopefully it will have the same effect. I’ll let you know!

  37. You can probably get maca at any health food store – it would probably work without it but it’s good to have something that binds the fat with the almond milk or other milk substitute. I’ve also tried it with Lucuma and it works great also!

  38. where the hell do you buy maca powder?? is it ok to leave that out or will it taste bad

  39. Thanks for letting us know and happy to hear it worked out for you! I’ve been using this creamer exclusively for almost a year now and I don’t miss the half and half cream i used to use at all!

  40. Just a quick little update – I just found out that Lucuma is also an emulsifier so i tried it instead of the maca and it works just as well! just substitute the maca with the Lucuma, same proportions – just another option :)

  41. i really don’t believe that you can’t have maca, it is just a food; i’m sure your baby will love it… if it is good for you, then how can it be bad for the baby? How bout the indigenous who ate it for ever before we found out about it?

  42. yes, if you don’t love coconut, it’s probably best to use the coconut oil that doesn’t smell like anything! Thanks for trying and letting us know!

  43. Hi @meghanley01 – just emailed you (lol) the maca has a bit of a creamy texture and that was why i added it. It’s also a superfood so has a lot of nutrients that make the creamer even more nutrient dense. But you could try using colostrum instead, that would also likely add some creaminess to it! Thanks for letting us know how it worked without the maca!

  44. Soooooo good! I made it without the maca powder because I’m breastfeeding and don’t think I can have it. I’m curious about what it adds to the recipe, because I’ve never tried it. Thanks for sharing!

  45. wow I didn’t know about the GMO casein allergy issue – another reason to stay away from the factory farmed dairy products!

    I’m glad you had a chance to try the recipe CassieAnna but yes, if you don’t love coconut, i’d use the unscented coconut oil. I recently forgot to add the sweetener when I did a batch recently and I liked it just as much!

  46. well, it is not just GMO casein, but i suppose that makes it worse :)
    95% of asians are allergic to casein, some 50% of other non-white types and like 5% of white types, roughly
    I am actually thankful I am allergic to it, as milk related problems go way beyond any allergy or lactose sensitivity to parasites and a long list of other problems too egregious to mention here
    But, mainly the worst problem is the dairy industry and their treatment of cows

  47. awesome… normal ‘non-dairy’ products have synthetic CASEIN, which is milk protein, which I am allergic to, along with most of the world